Success Story

Viv Gower, Cape Town

14 Week Body Transformation Program
Lost over 10kg, dropping close to 60 percent of her body fat

A few months ago I went on a journey to find the old me. My attitude went from “I should do it” to “I CAN do it” when I met Johno and he helped me to change the way I was thinking about a health and fitness transformation. He helped me get over my excuses and take on this challenge which has been so rewarding from the get go.

This journey has been one where I lost over 10kg, dropping close to 60 percent of my body fat and regaining the confidence and energy I once had.

More than that Johno’s Fitness Faculty has given me the tools to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle for years to come; one just needs to trust the process. Thank you to Johno’s Fitness Faculty for leading me on this healthy and happy path.

— V.G, November 2019

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