Success Story

Ndia Magadagela, Johannesburg

14 Week Running Program

I realised that I needed to change my habits 2 years after I had my second son. I was always tired and my blood pressure was starting to become a real concern. ⠀

I decided to start walking in the mornings. I felt so good I started running about 3 kms every morning. It became 5kms and ultimately I was doing half marathons. ⠀

The running was doing wonders but I had to change my eating habits too. This was the hardest part for me – breaking 30 years of bad eating habits is a big deal. Joining Johno’s Fitness Faculty made a tremendous difference – I had to account for what I was eating and that worked for me! The exercise programs are varied which serves my goal of wanting to achieve overall fitness – soon I’ll be running full marathons!

— Ndia Magadagela, November 2019

Training Program
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