Success Story

Louise Lederle, Cape Town

7-Week Kick-start Healthy Living Program

In September 2018 my husband and I started talking about having kids. It had been a crazy time, I hadn’t been focusing on myself and I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. I decided then and there to make a change so I could be healthy if we were blessed with a little one, so I joined the JEFF program. I lost 10kgs in less than 14 weeks and halved my body fat. More than that, I felt great about myself again. 


When I fell pregnant I was very excited but overwhelmed on what to eat and what not to eat, how much exercise I could do etc. My body started changing and I didn’t want to lose the great routine and healthy lifestyle I had created with the JEFF Team. I signed up for the preggie program and it was was one of the best things I could have done. My first trimester was a very nauseous one and the only thing that helped was exercise. Trimester two was great, I had all the energy and loved my workouts and I felt so good about myself. Trimester three, harder again, but the exercise makes all the difference. It’s like they knew how I would be feeling and how much I could handle each week, which I hardly knew myself! 


Coach Brad was an unending support and source of information on nutrition and in making sure I stayed in a routine which made me workout and eat well during my pregnancy. It’s so easy to give up on exercise and healthy eating, it’s hard when you feel different and your body doesn’t feel like your own. But I am sure it puts one in a good place to get your body back after baby. 


Everyone’s journey is different but I know for me that a healthy focus has helped me feel good and more importantly created a healthy, happy space for my baby to grow. Thanks, Coach Brad and thanks JEFF, you’ve done it again!