Success Story

Fallon Paul, Clapham UK

14 Week Body Transformation Program

I joined the 14-week Body Transformation program because I wanted more than just a workout program and an eating plan. I was looking for support in a dynamic and engaging lifestyle program which went beyond only training and meal plans.

I’ve always been an advocate of healthy living but I’d gotten to a point where it wasn’t happening – I needed to make some changes. I live in London and I needed the guidance to manage my lifestyle in a sustainable way. Life in the modern world can derail you if you don’t plan and prepare. Stress from work and commuting was taking all of my energy and I got to a point where I didn’t want to allow that to happen anymore, and so I put myself first again.

My results from the very first week have been noticeable, which is a testament to the personalisation of this program; my meals and training have been adapted to me and my development areas off the basis of my results. The support from the program and my coach, Janelle, is phenomenal – I’m a natural extrovert so I gain energy from talking and sharing stories with other people. I particularly like the weekly challenges because they make the week go by faster and make it fun.

To anyone who’s thinking about joining the program, it’s honestly the easiest decision to make – the support of the coaches is amazing and the whole leadership team is there to see you succeed!

My personal advice is ‘preparation is key’. Plan your meals, plan your day, plan your training time, plan your week, manage your energy levels and keep talking to your coach honestly. Be open about energy dips throughout the day, if you’ve had cravings and cheated. We’re human after all and this is a (new) lifestyle adoption so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Coach Janelle gave me the best advice when we started this journey: ‘Chill out and trust the process, your body responds best if you take it all in your stride!’

— F.P, November 2019

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