Success Stories


Tanya de Jongh

Results: Lost 18kgs and halved her body fat in 14 weeks

About a year ago I joined Johno's Fitness Faculty program with the hope and primary goal of gaining balance to live and maintain a healthier lifestyle. I've never been someone who enjoys the gym or any scheduled form of exercise, so starting this program required quite a big mindset shift for me. My journey with Johno showed me what a big difference consistency, perseverance, and the right plan can do for you.

Over my 14 week journey, there were many days of not wanting to go exercise and making silly excuses to myself for not wanting to go - Johno was so great in constantly motivating me along the way. I lost 18kgs on my first 14-week program, halved my skin folds (body fat) and completely changed the way I view a healthy lifestyle. I'm still in awe of how the plan worked for me, how well my body reacted to it. Johno's approach as my coach on this journey was so personalised and real and he pushed me out of my comfort zone - he genuinely cares for the overall wellbeing of his clients and it truly showed during the process.

I'll forever be grateful for how this program and Johno has changed my view on a balanced, healthy lifestyle - and how I can maintain this myself going forward. Trust the process!


Helen Bowes

Lost 12kg and down 113 skinfolds in 14 weeks

I'm on Johno's 14-week program and wanted to share my success story so far with you. ⁣⠀


I started off the program at almost 80kg and I'm now weighing in at just under 68kg, so that's a massive 12kg drop which I'm so pleased with! I'm also down about 113 skin folds, so lots of body fat lost too. I was at a stage in my life where I was just accepting the fact that hormonal changes were probably the reason for me carrying the extra weight. But through this process I’ve realised that so much has to do with healthy choices and getting your body moving. I’ve never felt more energised and good in my own skin as I do now.


I've really enjoyed the program, I find the eating plan great and I enjoy the workouts. I think I've had such great success so far because I'm really strict with following the eating plan in particular, ensuring I eat clean for at least five and a half days a week, and knowing that there is a balanced approach, I can still enjoy myself when I want to.


Some advice: trust the process, get to the gym, drink lots of water and keep eating clean five and a half days a week. Good luck! ⁣

Keri Paddock

I’m not sure what to call Johnno because I didn’t know people like him could exist!

But here goes... he is the ultimate motivator, lifestyle coach, legend and friend who really cares about the individual and their mental, health and fitness goals. I literally cannot express enough how Johnno has changed my mindset, how I see myself and ultimately my life!

Carrying nearly 12kg of extra weight after the birth of my twins, he gave me the support and tools I needed to push myself, shift the excess weight, keep active and be more mindful of clean eating. Thank you for everything Johno and the Fitness Faculty Team - you have changed my life on so many levels! Because of your unwavering dedication and belief in a process that gets results I’m able to be a better mom to the twins, partner to my husband and a better human in general.

Viv Gower.jpeg

Viv Gower

A few months ago I went on a journey to find the old me. My attitude went from “I should do it” to “I CAN do it” when I met Johno and he helped me to change the way I was thinking about a health and fitness transformation. He helped me get over my excuses and take on this challenge which has been so rewarding from the get go.

This journey has been one where I lost over 10kg, dropping close to 60 percent of my body fat and regaining the confidence and energy I once had.

More than that Johno’s Fitness Faculty has given me the tools to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle for years to come; one just needs to trust the process. Thank you to Johno’s Fitness Faculty for leading me on this healthy and happy path.

Maps Maponyane

It's been nothing short of both lifestyle and life changing being on my fitness journey with Johno’s Fitness Faculty. I always played sport growing up and that was the extent of my exercise. Gym was never my thing, as I never found it exciting. I was always misled by being in decent shape without needing to do much, until I really started to feel like I was beginning to lose my way. I was no longer happy with what I saw in the mirror, was unfit, and felt sluggish. I realised I had gotten far too comfortable and needed a complete lifestyle change.

I started Johno's program at the start of the new year, in which he personally combed through every aspect of what was required of me to be the best that I could possibly be. We set a few goals and with commitment, focus and trusting the process, I lost 16kgs in three months, 15% body fat, 100 skin folds and have never looked back. Now I know what to do, how to do it and can't wait for the next phase of being as optimal in my health and fitness as I possibly can, over the next few months. Back to work!

Maps Maponyane.jpeg

Ndia Magadagela.jpeg

Ndia Magadagela

I realised that I needed to change my habits 2 years after I had my second son. I was always tired and my blood pressure was starting to become a real concern. ⠀

I decided to start walking in the mornings. I felt so good I started running about 3 kms every morning. It became 5kms and ultimately I was doing half marathons. ⠀

The running was doing wonders but I had to change my eating habits too. This was the hardest part for me - breaking 30 years of bad eating habits is a big deal. Joining Johno’s Fitness Faculty made a tremendous difference - I had to account for what I was eating and that worked for me! The exercise programs are varied which serves my goal of wanting to achieve overall fitness - soon I’ll be running full marathons!