Tips to beat the burnout and practice some self-care

Let’s face it, the reality of finding balance in life can be a really tricky one. We’re juggling busy work, family and social lives and it’s hard to get it all right. With this busy lifestyle it’s easy to let our resources run low, without taking the time out to replenish them before burnout hits. We often turn to unhealthy habits to try and curb the effects of stress - overeating, alcohol, long hours of work and not enough sleep all compounding the problem.

To get closer to that elusive balance, what we really need to prioritise is a good dose of self-care. This is about introducing healthy habits into your daily routine, all with a focus on being good to yourself. The benefits of a disciplined practice of self-care are enormous, including an uplifted mood and higher energy levels, better productivity and focus, enhanced self esteem, improved relationships and a healthier immune system.

Johno’s Fitness Faculty coaches have four easy self-care tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine:


Do something that energises you, whether it’s a workout before or after work, a stroll over lunchtime or a dance with your kid. There’s nothing that lifts the mood quicker than getting your body moving.

Fuel your body with the right stuff

Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet for at least 5 and a half days of the week. Taking the time to plan your meals and prepare something that will nourish your body is a great act of self-care. And then allow yourself to enjoy a cheat meal or two on the weekend … it’s all about balance, right? 


Resist the urge to binge watch that series late into the night. Give yourself the rest you need by setting a routine bedtime that allows you to get eight hours of sleep a night. Put your phone away and unwind with a book before bed.


Simplify your daily schedule by being more selective about the events, meetings and people you commit time to. This frees up the time and headspace for you to prioritise the important things in your life.

Johno's Fitness Faculty 14-week program will help you to get clear on how to move each day, fuel your body with the right stuff, (including 1.5 cheat days out of every 7!) rest well and simplify your road to a new YOU, built on healthy habits. Give yourself the gift of self-care and get started now.

Toni Fawzy