Achieve something awesome with Johno’s Fitness Faculty running program

Have you got your sights set on achieving something awesome, but you need a solid plan of action and next-level support to get you there?

Introducing the latest big challenge by Johno’s Fitness Faculty: the 14-week running preparation program.

The running program

The 14-week running preparation program is a nutrition and fitness plan that sets a solid foundation, gradually builds your running fitness and prepares you for longer distance running events (10km & 21km). Designed by renowned international sports conditioning specialist and performance trainer, Johno Meintjes and supported by a technical data analyst specialising in running progress, this program will set you up for longer distance running success.

Johno’s Fitness Faculty team is here to wrap you in support. Your dedicated Faculty Coach, an expert in fitness and nutrition will set goals with you, educate you and support you on a daily basis throughout the program. They’re your training partner, giving you the guidance and motivation to smash your running goal while feeling the fittest and strongest you’ve ever felt.

What one of our runners had to say

“I originally joined the program with Johno’s Fitness Faculty a year ago to lose some weight, but something amazing happened. One of the workouts included a 30 minute road run, and that’s where I started to fall in love with running. At the same time some friends challenged me to run a half marathon with them and so Johno set out a running preparation program for me, and, to my surprise I did really well!

I’d always dreamt of running the Comrades but I thought I was too old and that I’d missed the opportunity. I gave Johno a call and shared this idea with him. His reply: “No problem champ, let’s do this!”

The rest is history, I will be running my first ever Comrades in four weeks and I know I will complete it. I love running and even qualified in block F on an ultra marathon in the process. My whole body has changed, I am energetic, excited to exercise and ready for any challenge. I can never thank Johno enough for this life-changing experience. I would recommend it to anyone - in fact my wife joined and she has had amazing results with a program tailored for her.”

~ Kobus Minaar, Johno’s Fitness Faculty running client

Grab the challenge and make the investment in your future running success.

Toni Fawzy