When you sign up for the 7-week or 14-week program you are committing to a journey back to the basics of healthy eating and regular exercise. It’s something you do for yourself, and if you put in the hard work your body and mind will shift and you’ll be empowered to continue on the path of healthy living on your own, forever.


So, what exactly can you expect from the Body Transformation Programs?

  • An initial video assessment with your dedicated Faculty Coach to discuss your needs, set your goals and do a physical assessment.

  • You will be provided with a simple and effective eating plan to follow 5.5 days of the week

  • Each week you’ll receive a new exercise plan, outlining 3-5 workouts that you need to complete in the coming week. You will need access to a gym in order to successfully follow the exercise plans.

  • You’ll get next-level support from your Faculty Coach. Daily contact with your coach over WhatsApp/phone will keep you accountable, encouraged, motivated and supported.

  • You will have a virtual video assessment meeting with your coach every 3 weeks. This will include a physical assessment to track progress and a mental wellness check-in on any challenges or wins you’re experiencing.

  • The program is 100% digital, meaning that we can help you wherever you are. It fits into your lifestyle in a way that works for you sustainably - you can exercise when and wherever suits you and you’ll gain the long-term confidence and self-accountability that comes with independent training and healthy eating.


Here’s what the 14-week program looks like in calendar format: